Clean-out Installation

Professional Clean-Out Installation in Colorado Springs, CO, and Nearby Areas

Clean Out Installation

Sewer and drain lines and other difficult-to-access pipes may need a thorough inspection or prompt repair. This is when access points called clean-outs come in handy. If you're in need of affordable, top-quality clean-out installation in Colorado Springs, CO, and nearby areas, Ultimate Excavation and Liners offers convenient, budget-friendly solutions.

The Role of Clean-Outs

A clean-out is a capped pipe usually connected to the main sewer line. It provides a point of access for camera inspections; and, in some cases, it allows access for certain trenchless repair methods. Additionally, a clean-out serves as a dispersal unit for any water that may be clogged in pipes. In other instances, a clean-out may be opened to prevent wastewater from getting where it's not supposed to go if there's a drain or sewer line issue.

Why We Recommend Clean-Out Installation

If you have an older home, it's common for a clean-out to be located inside. You may need access point installation in this case if you prefer to have a clean-out located outside instead. Installation of an access point is also advisable if you're having a new sewer or drain line installed in a different location where an access point is needed.

A properly installed and placed clean-out often contributes to:

Issues a Clean-Out Can Avoid

Typically made from PVC or cast iron, clean-outs play a role in preventing many issues. For instance, a clean-out may be installed by a septic tank to minimize septic and sewage issues. This type of access point also reduces the risk of serious sewer and drain line issues since regular inspections can be done via a clean-out to check for any potential problems and deal with them early.

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