Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling in Colorado Springs, CO, and Nearby Areas

The installation of underground pipes and conduits can be done with minimally disruptive steps in a cost-effective way with directional drilling. It's a budget-friendly, time-saving solution Ultimate Excavation and Liners offers to residential and commercial clients in Colorado Springs, CO, and nearby areas.

A Look At Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is a versatile and efficient way to install underground pipes. A shallow arc is created along a bore path with a directional drilling machine and various attachments. Drilling fluids help guide the drill bit and stabilize the borehole. The pipe or underground line is installed horizontally to minimize disruption.

Biggest Issues Directional Drilling Can Address

With new pipe installations, there are sometimes concerns about nearby utility lines. This is one of the issues directional drilling addresses by allowing for a more direct installation from the surface to the installation point. It's also a process that reduces project completion time since there's no trench to fill in thus minimizing any issues with above-ground obstacles.

Benefits of Directional Drilling

Less disruption to landscaped areas is one of the top benefits of directional drilling. In addition, we can conduct the work with a smaller crew, which further reduces costs.

Many of our clients also appreciate directional drilling because of:

We're a local company with a decade of industry experience with directional drilling and other underground pipe services and solutions. We give our clients access to trenchless service options and traditional methods, depending on what's right for the situation.

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Achieve the desired goal quickly and affordably with minimal disruption by turning to Ultimate Excavation and Liners for your directional drilling needs. We treat our clients in Colorado Springs, CO, and nearby areas to a wide range of cost-effective, client-specific services. Contact us today for all your underground installation needs.


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