Full Sewer Repair Replacement

Full Sewer Repair and Replacement in Colorado Springs, CO, and Nearby Areas

While normal sewer line lifespans range from 50 to 100 years, there are times when residential or commercial sewer pipes in Colorado Springs, CO, and nearby areas need repairs or complete replacement. When your home or business sewer pipes need some attention, count on Ultimate Excavation and Liners to leave you fully satisfied with the results.

Thanks to our 10-plus years of industry experience, you can trust our local team to size up the situation and offer a sensible, affordable solution.


We specialize in trenchless and traditional options to allow more flexibility with our services. This also means we're able to make recommendations appropriate for the needs of our clients.

When Is Sewer Repair and Replacement Ideal?

Sewer repair or replacement is advisable if you're noticing signs of sewer-related problems. The more common ones include:

Excavation is a reliable way to make sewer repairs when there's a need to directly visualize the pipe to identify issues and problem spots that can't be sufficiently assessed and repaired with other methods. We perform traditional sewer line replacement methods with equal efficiency courtesy of our seasoned team.

Common Issues Requiring Sewer Repair and Replacement

We recommend sewer repair or replacement when a sewer line has significant severe damage. If the damage is limited to one area, we may be able to make repairs to the affected section only. However, if the sewer line is severely corroded, fully collapsed, or damaged extensively in other ways, replacement is recommended.

We may also recommend full sewer repair and replacement with traditional methods due to:

Why Choose Ultimate Excavation and Liners

Choose us for full sewer repair and replacement with confidence because of our ongoing commitment to quality. Our customers also benefit from reasonable, upfront pricing. Furthermore, our courteous technicians arrive promptly, present accurate estimates and project timelines, and clean up work areas when done.

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From start to finish, your experience with Ultimate Excavation and Liners will be a pleasant and productive one. If you have sewer lines that require attention, we'll discuss your options so you can determine what's best for your needs. Contact our team today to get started with an inspection and initial assessment.


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