Pipe Bursting

We Offer Pipe Bursting in Colorado Springs, CO, and Nearby Areas

Pipe bursting is one of the cost-effective trenchless solutions offered by Ultimate Excavation and Liners in Colorado Springs, CO, and nearby areas. It's an economical, time-saving way to replace underground pipes when traditional excavation techniques aren't possible or preferred.

The Process of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting earned its name because we break up the existing pipe into tiny fragments by using a bursting head. Specially designed equipment allows us to install a new pipe within the space left by the fragmented pipe. Since we push the damaged pipe downward as it's broken up, there's no need to bring it to the surface or dig to remove it.

When Is Pipe Bursting Ideal?

While excavation has its place, there are times when property owners prefer alternative methods whenever possible. Pipe bursting is an ideal approach to pipe replacement we often recommend if a sewer or drain line is severely damaged, or if parts of the pipe had collapsed. We may also recommend pipe bursting if there's not enough room where the pipe is located for traditional excavation equipment.

Choose Us for Pipe Bursting – Here's Why

We bring a decade of experience in the industry to every project we undertake. Our seasoned local experts also have the skills, tools, and equipment required to diagnose and resolve a wide range of pipe-related issues, from minor flaws to more significant issues.

When the work is done, you'll never even know anything was ever wrong with your pipes. This is one of the reasons to make Ultimate Excavation and Liners your top choice for pipe bursting in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

We also ensure:

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Invest wisely by turning to Ultimate Excavation and Liners for all your pipe repair and replacement needs. If pipe bursting is suitable for your situation, we'll get the work done in a timely, orderly way and leave you fully satisfied with the results.

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