Sewer Lining

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Despite having the potential to last a long time, sewer lines sometimes need some professional assistance to stay in good shape. Sewer lining is one of the cost-effective ways that Ultimate Excavation and Liners does to help home and business clients in Colorado Springs, CO, and nearby areas deal with sewer line issues.

About Sewer Lining

Sewer lining is a repair process that preserves the existing sewer pipe by "re-lining" it from the inside. After an initial inspection and cleaning, a resin-filled liner is inserted into the host pipe. After the coating cures, the sewer line is smooth and ready to function similar to a brand-new pipe.

For our residential and commercial clients in Colorado Springs and surrounding communities, one of the top benefits of sewer lining is preserving the existing pipe and not having to worry about post-project cleanup.


Sewer lining also keeps landscapes intact, cuts down on project time, and produces a highly durable sewer line more resistant to tree root intrusions, cracks, and other structural problems.

Issues We Address with Sewer Lining

Sewer pipes of varying lengths and diameters can be repaired with sewer lining. The damage we address with this approach to sewer line repair include:

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